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The Legend of Nalayini

Thank you for being such amazing listeners of the Fairytales of India Podcast.Very soon, we will be launching a new Podcast under gaatha story, called Legends of India.
And as a preview of what is to follow, we are very, very excited to present this episode: The Story of Nalayini. Now who was Nalayini and why is she considered to be a legendary? You will learn as you listen. We hope you will like this episode, and all the amazing stories that will follow in the Legends of India Podcast….This episode is a preview of the Legends of India podcast, which will be launched by gaatha story in very soon.
In this episode, we introduce you to the daughter of King Nala, called Nalayini, whose love for her husband and purity of devotion is legendary.
Nalayini was a woman of great intellect and when it was time for her to get married, she rejected one eligible prince after another because they failed her tests. Over time, tales of her wisdom spread far and wide.
Finally, an aged sage, Rishi Maukhalya, challenged that he would defeat Nalayini. Did Rishi Maukhalya succeed? Listen to this story to learn more.

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About the Legends of India Podcast

Long time listeners of the show may remember that when we had launched this show, it was called Myths, Legends and Fairytales of India. We always wanted to include all three types of stories: tales from mythology, legends of historical figures and characters, and of course, everyone’s favourites, fairytales. Along the way, we realised that we were doing a great disservice.
That is, dis-service to you, the listeners : first of all, the long name did not help. Many thought that it was a tongue twister! We were also doing a dis-service to the vast treasure of stories from India by trying to pack too many things in a single show. Therefore, this podcast is now simply called Fairytales of India.
Recently we launched Devgatha : Mythology for the Modern world. This show is essentially the “Myths” of the Myths, Legends and Fairytales of India.