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Grandpa Fish And The Radio

This story is a part of Pratham Books’ Storyweaver Collection. Click below to listen to the story or continue reading below to learn more.

Grandpa Fish And The Radio

Grandpa Fish and the Radio is a short but sweet story about an old fish who lives int the river along with his family, as well as with tortoises and other creatures. Grandpa wants to listen to the news on the radio, but others do not let him listen.
One day, finally he gets to listen a piece of news that will prove beneficial to all. What is this news and how does it benefit the community in the river? Listen to this story to learn more.

About this story
:  Author: Venkataramana Gowda. Illustrator: Srikrishna Kedaliya. Translator: Divaspathy Hegde. This story was used under Creative Commons license (CC-BY-4.0)
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