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Sartaj Mohidin Mughal- Shravan Award Winner

Veergatha Podcast by gaathastory

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Act of bravery by Sartaj Mohiddin Mughal

Sartaj, a Shravan Award Winner,  was 16 years and 7 months when he performed the act of bravery. Sartaj was staying with his family in a small village in Kupwara district of Kashmir. Have you heard the name Kupwara district? No , well it is a district which is famous for walnuts and a good quantity of walnut is grown in that district. The river Kishenganga, originating from the Himalayas, flows through the outer areas of the district from east to west. But the district is very near to Pakistan and many a times there is lot artillery shelling that happens. Few times in the past, there have been bomb attacks as well in that district.

This incident happened on 24th October 2019 . It was evening time and Pakistan restored to unprovoked cease fire violation in the public area of Chowkibal and Tumina. During this firing, artillery shells fell in Tumina Village. Sartaj Saved his family by rescuing them from a burning home.

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You may wonder why was he was presented with the Shravan Award?. I am sure you all must be knowing who Shravan Kumar was? His story is one of the famous stories from Ramayana. You can listen to story of Shravan Kumar on Baalgatha Hindi Podcast.

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