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Baalgatha Telugu stories

Baalgatha- Telugu stories

Thank you for listening to the two sample stories below.

We are the creators of Baalgatha stories and Myths, Legends and Fairytales of India Podcast. We are super keen to launch Baalgatha in more Indian languages.
For that to happen, we need your help. And this is how you can help us.

  1. Please listen to the two Telugu stories below.
  2. After listening, please answer the three short questions that will help us in the launch of this show.

Alu, Galu, Kalu

This story was narrated by Lalita for Baalgatha Podcast. Author of the Original story आलू-मालू-कालू by Vinita Krishna. Illustrated by Suvidha Mistry. translated by P.Santha Devi.

Chinnari Loko

This story was narrated by Lalita for Baalgatha Podcast. Original story title: The Timid Train by Bharati Jagannathan, Translated by Janaki Rani Turaga. Illustrated by Preeti Krishnamurthy

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Both the stories are form the Storyweaver collection, used under Creative Commons 4.0 license.