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The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse

This story is adopted from Aesop’s Fables. Once, a mouse who lives in the city goes to visit his cousin, who lives in the countryside. Looking at his living conditions and the food that the country cousin eats, the town mouse invites him to visit the city and explore the life. Indeed in the city where the he lives, there are sweets and cakes and rick food. However, the country mouse still decided that his humble life is better. Why is it so? Listen to this story to learn more. There is a similar story from Panchatantra that we have published on the Baalgatha podcast, titled the tiger and the Dog in English (to be published soon) and बाघ और कुत्ताबालगाथा हिंदी में on Baalgatha-Hindi Podcast  .

Listen to story The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse

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Image: By M. A. Glen, Public Domain image, via Wikimedia Commons