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The Cat is Responsible (Marathi) चूक त्या मांजराचीच

चूक त्या मांजराचीच ही गोष्ट ऐक्णया साठी ख़ाली क्लिक करा

एक लहान मुलगा अभ्यास करत नाही, आणि तो आपलया टीचर ला समजावतो की त्यमागे एक मांजरी ची चूक आहे
This story is Marathi is a slight twist on the tale “The Dog Ate My Homework..” well, the dog does eat the homework here, but it was the cat who was responsible actually. How? Listen to learn more.
This story was originally written by Anushka Ravishankar and translated into Marathi by Sandhya Taksale. Audio narrated by Anaya Thatte and produced by gaatha story.
This story was originally published under the Storyweaver collection and is available under Creative Commons CC 4.0 license.

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