Story of Navaratri and Dussera

We are celebrating the season of Navaratri and the festival of Dussera is around the corner. To mark this occasion, we have published a special episode on Devgatha Podcast. They are as follows:

Baalgatha English

In this week’s Baalgahta English story, listen to the tale

Why Birbal was Akbar’s Favourite Advisor?

Click below to listen or on our media host (Audioboom)

Before Navaratri comes the fortnight of Mahalaya. Listen to

The Story of Mahalaya and Karna

बालगाथा हिंदी Baalgatha Hindi

इस हफ़्ते की कहानी: जैसे को तैसा (Tit For Tat)

Mahalaya and Karna महालया का पर्व और कर्ण की कहानी

Fairytales of India Podcast

The Story of Ranavir Singh and Prince Sundar- Part I

Listen to Part I of this three part story on Fairytales of India Podcast by clickign below or here.

Devgatha Podcast

The Story of Navaratri Festival and Dussera

Click below to listen or here.

Baalgatha Marathi बालगाथा मराठी गोष्टि

साप आणि काणस (Snake in Blacksmith’s workshop) ऐकायल ख़ाली क्लिक कर किंवा इथे ऐका

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