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The story of Hirkani Baai- Special Episode for Mother’s Day

Hirkani was a brave woman and a mother who lived near the Raigad Fort in Maharashtra during the time of Shivaji Maharaj. Listen to the story of Hirkani Baai on occasion of Mothers’ Day.

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इस कहानी को हिंदी में सुनें

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ही कथा मराठीत ऐका

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હિરકણી બાઈની વાર્તા

The Story of Hirkani Baai

The Raigad fort is near Pune and was very important to Shivaji’s kingdom. It was the capital of his empire, and his coronation took place in Raigad in 1674. The fort is in the Western Ghats or the Sahyadri mountain range in western India. The fort itself is on a mountain top and there is a village at the base of this mountain. Steep Fort walls guard the fort from all sides. There is a steep vertical drop on one side and the generals decided not to build a wall. They did not think any human could possibly scale the vertical drop to enter the Fort without notice. The drop seemed enough protection. The villagers from the foothill came up to the fort with their wares to sell. They would stand by the main fort door when the man in charge (maval) would open it allowing the villagers inside. The gates were closed at sunset and would not open until the next morning. Those were the orders of Shivaji Maharaj.

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Bandar Aur Magarmach (Hindi) बंदर और मगरमछ पंचतंत्र कथा

यह कहानी एक बंदर और उसके दोस्त मगरमछ के बारे में है। सुनिए इस कहानी को यह जानने के लिए की कैसे बंदर चतुराई से मगरमछ को चकमा देकर अपनी… More »Bandar Aur Magarmach (Hindi) बंदर और मगरमछ पंचतंत्र कथा

The Fortune Teller’s Son- Part 1: The Prophecy

This is the story of a young boy whose father is a fortune teller. In this part 1 of this story, we learn about the prophecy made by his father, who is a fortune teller. Listen to the adventures of this young man and how he rescues four living beings from a well.

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soothsayer when on his deathbed wrote out the horoscope of his second son, whose name was Gangazara, and bequeathed it to him as his only property, leaving the whole of his estate to his eldest son. The second son thought over the horoscope, and said to himself:
“Alas! am I born to this only in the world? The sayings of my father never failed. I have seen them prove true to the last word while he was living; and how has he fixed my horoscope! ‘FROM MY BIRTH POVERTY!’ Nor is that my only fate. ‘FOR TEN YEARS, IMPRISONMENT’—a fate harder than poverty; and what comes next? ‘DEATH ON THE SEA-SHORE’; which means that I must die away from home, far from friends and relatives on a sea-coast. Now comes the most curious part of the horoscope, that I am to ‘HAVE SOME HAPPINESS AFTERWARDS!’ What this happiness is, is an enigma to me.”
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Sher Ke Saath Shikaar शेर के साथ शिकार

यह कहानी हमें सीख देती है की अपने से अधिक शक्तिशाली लोगों के साथ काम करते समय हमें साझेदारी से काम लेना चाहिए। इस कहानी को सुनिए बालगाथा पॉड्कैस्ट पर।