Listen to three bedtime stories for children about the Festivals of Mahavir Jayanti, Hanuman Jayanti, and Easter on Baalgatha Podcast by gaatha story.

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Listen to the story of Lord Mahavir on occasion of Mahavir Jayanti

This is the most important festival of the Jains, and listen to a story about an incident involving the life of Lord Mahavir. This story also teaches us a moral- that we should not make hasty decisions.

Listen to the story of Easter Sunday

In this short episode about Good Friday and Easter, we learn about the crucification of Jesus Christ and his reappearance, known as resurrection. This story was narrated by Sheerali for Baalgatha Podcast.

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From Myths, Legends and Fairytales of India: Hanuman Jayanti


Listen to Story of Hanuman Jayanti

On occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, the birth day of Lord Hanuman, we are super excited to publish this episode about the Birth of Hanuman. Do you know the story behind his birth, and how it is related to the birth of Lord Ram? This story has some interesting elements- for example, Why and how did Shiva agree to be born as Anjani’s son? Why did Hanuman decided to swallow the Sun? Listen to this story to learn more. You can also listen to this story on Baalgatha Podcast, available  here.

We would also suggest that you should listen to the story about Ram Navami- the birth of Lord Ram, from Baalgatha Podcast. You can listen to that story on this page.

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Image of Hanumanji Singing- Episode on Hanuman Jayanti by gaatha story
Image of Easter Egg- story of easter on Baalgatha Podcast

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