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Story of Janmashtami and birth of Lord Krishna

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The Story of Janmashtami

On occasion of Janmashtami, we bring to you the story of birth of Lord Krishna. This episode is simultaneously published on Baalgatha and the Myths, Legends and Fairytales of India Podcasts

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Bonus! Listen to the story of Krishna and Putana

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Interesting anectdote about this festival:
It is said that the inhabitants of the districts round Govardhan formerly revered and adored Indra. But Krishna condemned this custom, and introduced the worship of Govardhan. Indra was exasperated at this conduct, and poured tremendous rains on Gokal in order to drown Krishna and his followers. But Krishna held up the Govardhan mountain on his little finger and sheltered all his people under its cover. The mountain was supported in this manner for seven days, by the end of which the rains subsided and Indra confessed himself vanquished. Even now Vaishnavas form an image of Govardhan out of mud and worship it on the Janmāshtamī day (i.e., the eighth day of the dark half of Shrāvan. (Source: Folklore of Gujarat)

Bonus! Listen to the story of Krishna and Putana

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