Listen to the Story The Strange Adventures of the Beetle and the Silk Thread

About this story

Listen to this episode about the wit of a minister, the wrath of a King and the devotion of a wife. Dhairyasheel was a minister in the court of King Surya Pratap of Allahabad. The King was short tempered, and one day, he managed to earn the King’s wrath. The King ordered that his minister be sent to his death. The minister seeks the help of his wife, Buddhi Mati. Will the clever and devoted wife be able to save her husband? What role do they beetle and the silk thread have to play in this story? Listen to this story to learn more.

Originally titled “The Beetle and the Silken Thread” this story was sourced from the book Hindu Tales from the Sanskrit; translated by S. M. Mitra, and adapted by Arthur Bell. Some parts of this story have been edited by Gaatha Story for Brevity and context. Story produced by Gaatha Story for the Myths, Legends and Fairytales of India Podcast. Narrated by Sheerali Biju. Audio editing by Krishnadas.

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