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The Little Anklebone- The Story of a Boy And a Wolf

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About this Story

Once upon a time, there was a little boy. He had lost his parents; so he went to live with his Auntie, and she set him to herd the sheep. All day long the little fellow wandered barefoot through the pathless plains, tending his flock, and playing his tiny shepherdʼs pipe from morning till the evening.
But one day came a great big wolf, and looked hungrily at the small shepherd and his fat sheep. The wolf said, ‘Little boy! shall I eat you, or your sheep?ʼ
Then the little boy answered politely, ‘I donʼt know, Mr. Wolf; I must ask my Auntie. Wait till tomorrow and I shall answer your question.ʼ
So all day long he piped away on his tiny pipe, and in the evening, and then he brought the flock home. When it was dark, he went to his Auntie and asked, ‘Auntie dear, a great big wolf asked me to-day if he should eat me, or your sheep. Which shall it be?ʼ
Then his Auntie looked at the wee little shepherd, and at the fat flock, and said sharply, ‘Why, you, of course!ʼ
So next morning the little boy drove his flock out into the pathless plains, and played cheerfully his shepherdʼs pipe until the great big wolf appeared. Then he put aside his pipe, and, going up to the savage beast, said, ‘Oh, if you please, Mr. Wolf, I asked my Auntie, and she says you are to eat me.ʼ
What happens next? Did the Wolf eat the boy? What is the story about the anklebone? Listen to this story to learn more.
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This story is adopted from stories compiled by Flora Annie Steel. Story produced by Gaatha Story and narrated by Sheerali Biju. Music used in this story is from freemusicarchive and soundbible, Image from Pixabay.

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