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QR Code for signup for Baalgatha Podcast

QR Code for signup for Baalgatha Podcast

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It is super easy to subscribe to MyKitaab Podcast!

MyKitaab Podcast is available on multiple channels! We believe that quality content should be easily available. Keeping that philosophy in mind, we worked with our media host, Audioboom, and set up distribution channels and syndication. Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes), Stitcher, Otto Radio and Acast are some of the channels where you can find MyKitaab.

MyKitaab is also syndicated on BookMyShow Jukebox.

Click on any image below to go to the respective channel! You can subscribe from the respective links.

Apple Podcasts (iPhone/iPad/Mac)

MyKitaab Podcast on Apple Podcasts. Subscribe by clickig the image.

MyKitaab Podcast on Apple Podcasts

BookMyShow Jukebox : (Mobile App : Android)
MyKitaab Podcast on BookMyShow Jukebox

MyKitaab Podcast- Subscribe on BookMyShow Jukebox

Stitcher Radio (iOS, Android, Web)
Listen to MyKitaab Podcast on Stitcher Radio

Listen to MyKitaab Podcast on Stitcher Radio

MyKitaab is also available on
Audioboom MyKitaab Channel
Google Play Music: click here (Note: Podcasts are not available on Google Play Music in India)
Otto Radio and ACast

You can of course listen to all episodes of MyKitaab on this website! Simply subscribe to this blog and receive updates every time a new episode is released.
Title Image: Flickr under CC 2.0 license. Image by Lawton Chiles