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Ranavir Singh and Prince Sundar

Listen to the story of Ranavir Singh and Prince Sundar. This is an exciting Four Part story about a young Prince and his faithful mentor Ranavir Singh. This story was translated into English in the nineteenth century by Pandit Natesa Sastri, compiled by Georgiana Kingscote. It has been revised and rewritten by Amar Vyas for gaatha story and narrated by Sheerali Biju.

Part I: The Introduction

In the first part of this four part series about Ranavir Singh, a faithful servant of a King, and young Prince Sundar. A King is treacherously murdered by his minister Kharavadana. But before his death, the King entrusts the safety of his son, young Prince Sundar, in the hands of his trusted aide, Ranavir Singh. But Kharavadana has other plans! Listen to this story to learn what happens next.

Listen to Part II

As the evil King, the former minister Kharavadana decides to plot against Sundar, the Prince realizes that his mentor was right all along. But does the realization come too late for him?

Listen to Part III below

In Part III of the Four Part story, listen to how young Prince Sundar finds help in unexpected places, including the beautiful daughter of a robber!

Listen to Part IV – The conclusion

Will Prince Sundar be able to avenge his father’s death? Will Ranavir Sing hforgive his wayward protege? And what happens to the girl who comes to the young prince’s aid?

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