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Patanjali and Yog: Patanjali’s Yogasutra

On occasion of International Yoga Day, listen to the story of sage Patanjali and his contribution to Yoga. Listen to this episode in multiple languages!

Lets’ learn a little more about today’s story

Lord Shiv is considered to be the first Yogi (Adi Yogi). He imparted the knowledge of Yoga to 7 Rishis (Sapta Rishis). The Saptarishis are considered to be the first yogis on earth. They all practiced Yog in different ways. Sage Patanjali compiled 194 verses and scriptures into his seminal wotk titled Patanjali’s Yogasutra.

Learn about the birth of Sage Patanjali, who was born to Gonika. Patanjali is considered to be a form of Adi Shesha, on whom Lord Vishnu rests. He began to teach Yog to thousands of students. His ashram was located soutn of the Vindhya mountains. The samadhi of sage Patanjali is in modern day Tamil Nadu.

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Painting of Sage Patanjali
Sage Patanjali Source: Public Domain