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Tales about the Festival of Onam

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Welcome to gaatha story’s special episode about the festival of Onam. You will also hear from our special guest Vihaan, on why he loves this festival.

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Onam is a festival that is celebrated predominantly in Kerala during the monsoons. Occurring either in the month of August or September, it marks the period of rice harvest. There are many legends associated with Onam, and in this episode, we will narrate the Legend of Mahabali and Parashuram and how they are related to Onam. This festival marks the beginning of the New Year in Kerala. The month is called Chingam.

The story of Mahabali can also be found in the traditional tales of Balia in Uttar Pradesh Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra, and also in Gujarat.

About this episode

This story was written by Minu Pandit and edited by Amar Vyas. Narrated by Shrerali Biju. Audio editing by Vyas. Baalgatha podcast is brought to you by gaathastory, the home of amazing storytelling shows. Music; “Cute” by Bensound

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Story of Parashuram

Listen how this story is associated with Parashuram, who is one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu. Learn how Parashuram killed an evil King and his warriors. How is he associated with the state of Kerala and other parts along the western coast of India? 

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Music: Cute by Bensound. Images used courtesy Pixabay