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The Lion, The Camel, The Jackal and The Crow Panchatantra Story

The Lion, the jackal,the crow and the camel is a Panchatantra story.There is a Lion who rules the jungle. A leopard, jackal and the crow serve the Lion.One day they see a camel who has separated from his caravan. The Lion says that camel is their guest and no one should kill him.
One day the Lion gets severely wounded in a battle with the elephant and is unable to hunt.Due to starvation, the Lion becomes very weak. He tells the other animals to find some animal as food. After wandering the complete day, they are unable to find any animal for food.
Leopard, Jackal and the crow decide that they need to convince the camel that they should offer themselves as food for the King.Camel goes to the Lion and offers himself as food and the Lion kills the poor camel and all the animals feast on his meat.
Moral of the Story :Always be on guard when you are in the company of wicked people. Do not be taken in by their sweet words.

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About Panchatantra

According to Wikipedia, The Panchatantra (Sanskrit: पञ्चतन्त्र, ‘Five Sections’) is an ancient Indian collection of animal stories. The stories are available in verse and prose. The original Sanskrit work was written by Vishnu Sharma.
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Image Courtesy: by Kevin McLoed. Story Narrated by Sheerali Biju.
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