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The Grateful Mouse (Or, The Lion and The Mouse)

Grateful Mouse has many versions, including stories in Panchatantra, Aesops Fables, and other childrens’ folk tales. Wikipedia has an entire page dedicated to this tale.

The Story of the Grateful Mouse is as follows:

One hot afternoon, a lion was fast asleep in his den. A mouse entered the lion’s den and jumped all around the lion, and thus woke him up. The lion caught him and was about to kill him. But the little mouse pleaded with the lion to let him go.
“I will help you in return some day”. The lion was rather amused to hear this, thinking, “What good can he do me. . . ” but he let him go.
A few days later, the lion was trapped in a net that was cast by some hunters. He struggled hard to set himself free but, he soon realized he was trapped. He roared with anger.
The little mouse heard the lion’s roar, and see­ing the lion caught in the net, he started gnawing away at the net at once. The mouse had sharp teeth and he soon freed the lion. Moral of the story is :”Make friends, however strong or weak they may be”

Listen to this story by clicking below

Grateful Mouse has many versions, including stories in Panchatantra , Aesops Fables , and other childrens’ folk tales.
About the image used for this story: The image was used from the Wikipedia page for this story, used under Creative Commons CC2.0 license. Image Credit: Celeste Hutchins

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