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This page provides information about the format and About MyKitaab Podcast.

Questions about MyKitaab Podcast

As an author, have you ever faced the dilemma “I have written a book, how do I get it published?”

Some of the other questions that authors often faced with include:

  • Why should you write a book?
  • How to write book descriptions?

  • How to market your book?

  • What are the different options for publishing in India?

  • How to get beta readers for your book?

  • How to translate your books?

  • How to record and produce audiobooks?

  • How to sell your book in international markets?

(note: we do not talk about how to write a book; or we do not do book reviews)

Our guests come from a variety of backgrounds, professions, and yes, even geographies: Bestselling authors like Bhaavna Arora, Aditi Chopra, and Rich Amooi, Publishers such as Vivek Mehra (SAGE India) Satya (New horizon Media) and Jeremy Thomas (Inkshares), Entrepreneurs in the book publishing space such as Ricardo Fayet (Reedsy), Leonard Fernandes (Cinnamon Teal) and Tom Morkes (Insurgent Publishing), corporate leaders turned authors like Apurva Purohit (Jagran Group), P C Bala (Matrix Solutions) and academics like Satish Deodhar (IIM Ahmedabad) and Dr.V R Raghunathan. the guests will share their stories, experiences, knowledge and “How To’s” to help first time authors in getting their book published.

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