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Kamakshi Media and Gaatha Podcasts

At kamakshi Media, We create exceptional audio experiences for our customers by giving a voice to their brand and creating the best in class podcast series. We provide podcast production, distribution, audience engagement, audience analytics and reporting services.

We also consult with brands who want to launch their own podcast.

Our Belief

We believe that the current model of recording and producing audio content is broken. The cost of production is very high, and there is a preference among producers to hire celebrities and record in studios. The focus is on general entertainment, or Bollywood, and there is very little quality content available in Indian languages.

Audio brings a new flavour to high quality content. Storytelling in audio is an innovative marketing solution which can increase engagement and maximize ROI.

Kamakshi Media began operations in January 2016, with the goal  to create highest quality audio content in English as well as regional languages of India, and find innovative ways to distribute them. We create custom shows for businesses, nonprofits and entrepreneurs.

Our Team

Our team at Kamakshi Media LLP consists of Amar, Buddy and Minu. Amar is the creator. Buddy is our mascot. Minu is our sanity keeper.

Kamakshi Media LLP is a Bangalore based startup in the digital media space. We incorporated in January 2016, launched our first podcast (audio show) MyKitaab: THE podcast on Book Publishing in India, in the same month. At this time, our shows include MyKitaab; Digital PowWow, Baalgatha and NRI:Now, Returned to India. We also work with corporate clients and individuals to produce high quality audio shows as well as coffee table books. The production team consists of Co-Founders Amar and Mrunal; they are occasionally accompanied by Buddy.


Amar is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. He worked for 13 years in India and the United States, and with organisations like Amazon, Jones Lang LaSalle and Schneider Electric. His worked in a variety of roles in Program Management, Construction and Energy efficiency. He is a published author of the book NRI:Now, Returned to India and a USGBC LEED Accredited Professional.


Mrunal has a MBA in Marketing from Gujarat University and is a Fellow of Insurance Institute of India. She has worked in insurance for over 12 years, and was a consultant with the Ministry of Health, Government of India. She is the founder of Shree Gajanan Consultants, a book marketing ad publishing agency.

We work with several awesome narrators, editors and artists. We have been avid podcast listeners for several years. Recently, podcasting has started picking up steam in India. When we looked at the wider market, we realized that there was a dearth of quality audio content. This got us excited and we decided to take our passion for podcasting to the next level by starting Kamakshi Media.


Production_Team Buddy is an occasional participant in the podcast, though we do not particularly encourage him to do so. We have decided to make him the official mascot.

Narrator: Sheerali Biju

IMG-20160601-WA0011 Sheerali is an elementary school teacher at Mallya Aditi International School, Bengaluru. She has a Masters in Psychology from Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara. Sheerali was always fascinated since childhood by music and dance. She is an accomplished Bharatnatyam dancer trained at Darpana Academy, Ahmedabad under Mrinalini and Mallika Sarabhai. Sheerali has performed at various stage concerts doling out Bollywood numbers in Ahmedabad. She has in the past done voice overs for educational CDs.

Extended Team: Music and the Images

Music for the podcast episodes is from either Bensound (Hindi) or Kevin Macleod (English). We obtain the images from Wikimedia commons, Pixabay, or other sources. We’ve also worked with awesome freelance artists Finally, we source our stories from Jataka Tales, Panchatantra and other public domain sources. In January 2017, we conducted a storytelling competition that brought us some amazing stories that we are currently producing. We will continue using crowdsourcing as a content acquisition channel.