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The Grey Brown- Story by Gauri Awasthi Winner of Baalgatha Storytelling Competition

We are excited to publish a prizewinning story under the Baalgatha storytelling competition : The Grey Brown by Gauri Awasthi. We found this story to be very interesting, and very different from the stories that we have published so far. In Gauri’s own words,

I have written a story called ‘The Grey Brown’. The genre of the story is thriller. The protagonist of this story is Nancy, a young girl, and other characters are Luna, Lily, Amelia Brown and the teacher.
The story traces a young girl going to school after Christmas holidays. She sees a statue she did not see in the school before. Strange things began and she wants to unravel the secret of the grey statue.
I like reading thrilling books and like watching thriller, horror or suspense movies, that is why I chose to write a story based on this genre. Hope you like the story. Have a nice day.

Listen to this story by clicking below

About Gauri Awasthi

Gauri Awasthi, Author of The Grey Brown
I am Gauri Awasthi, studying in 7th standard. I live in Ahmedabad.
I am a citizen of Ahmedabad. I love reading. I mostly read Harry Potter, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and Percy Jackson books. I love to read and because of that I got an inspiration to read. I am also writing a novel named ‘The Campbell Twins’. I am also making a compilation of short stories of each and every genre. I love to read write in my free time and sometimes I take out extra time to read.
For her award winning submission, she has received a gift coupon from Earth Baby worth Rupees 500.
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Image Courtesy: Music by Bensound. Story Narrated by Sheerali Biju. This is a Jataka Story, obtained from public domain sources.

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