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The Birds and The Monkeys – Tale from Hitopadesh

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The Birds And The Monkeys is a story from the Hitopadesha tales, which teaches us that we should not give advice to the fools. Listen on Baalgatha Podcast. Hitopadesha tales are similar to Aesop’s Fables, Panchatantra and Jataka Tales.
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The story is as follows:

Once upon a time, there was a huge tree on
the banks of a river. The tree made a comfortable home for the
family of birds who had built their nests on its branch. The
birds were living there happily as the tree with its widespread
branches sheltered them from scorching sun and heavy rains.
  One day, when the sky was overcast with dark clouds, it rained
very heavily. Some monkeys who were playing nearby the tree got
drenched and ran for shelter under the tree. All of them were
shivering with cold. When the birds saw the monkeys in the
pitiable condition, one of the birds said,” O Monkeys, you would
not have to shiver like this, if you had built a home like us.
You would not have to suffer like this. If we can build our nest
with small beaks, then why cant you. By God’s grace, you have
two hands and two legs. Why don’t you make a nice shelter for
  On hearing this, the monkeys got annoyed and swore to teach a
lesson to the birds. They said to themselves, “These birds are
not afraid of the rain or of cold wind. They are living
comfortably that is why they are criticizing us like this. Let
the rain stops, we’ll show them how to build home”. As soon as
the rain stopped, the monkeys climbed up the tree and destroyed
the nests of the birds. They also broke the birds’ eggs and
threw the young ones down.
  The poor birds flew here and there in misery. They were full
of regret for their words and realized that they should not have
given advice that was not asked. Advice should only be given to
learned, wise and to those who ask for it.
  Moral: Never give advice to fools.

Story narrated by Sheerali Biju and produced by Gaatha Podcast. Music by Incompetech, Feature image and background Image from Pixabay. Story, music and images obtained from public domain or Creative Commons sources.

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