A Bundle of Sticks- Story for Father’s Day

On occasion of Father’s Day, we thought of publishing the story A Bundle of Sticks This is a rather short story with a powerful message. In this story, a dying man calls his sons and teaches them the value of staying united. The lesson we learn from this story is that Unity is Strength. This … Read more

The Grateful Mouse (Or, The Lion and The Mouse)

Grateful Mouse has many versions, including stories in Panchatantra, Aesops Fables, and other childrens’ folk tales. Wikipedia has an entire page dedicated to this tale. The Story of the Grateful Mouse is as follows: One hot afternoon, a lion was fast asleep in his den. A mouse entered the lion’s den and jumped all around … Read more

बढ़ई और बंदर पंचतंत्र कथा Hindi children’s story

यह कहानी एक बंदर के बारे में है। यह बंदर अपनी शरारती आदत की वजह से कैसे मुश्किल में आ जाता है, यह जांने इस कहानी को सुनकर। यह कहानी हम ने एप्रिल २०१6 में पहली बार प्रदर्शित की थी।