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stories with animals

The Jackal and the Elephant

On Baalgatha Podcast, listen to this children’s bedtime story from Panchatantra about a wily jackal called Mahachaturak (or, the smart one).

A Lion, a Man and a Monkey

On Baalgatha Podcast, listen to this tale from Panchatantra about a lion, a man and a monkey. How does the monkey save a man from the cluthes of a cruel and fearsome lion?

The Jackal and the Crocodile

Listen to this story on Baalgatha Podcast. A Jackal sees a plum tree on the far side of a stream. The tree is ripe with fruits, but the jackal is unable to reach it. The Jackal then decides to take advantage of a gullible crocodile, in order to eat the fruits. What happens next?

Bakre Ki Kahani बकरे के बली की कहानी

एक बकरी के बारे में इस कहानी को सुनें जो एक ब्राह्मण द्वारा बलिदान होने वाला है।The moral of this story is that we cannot escape what is written is our fate.

The Monkey and the Drum

This is the story of a monkey who loses his tail, but trades his loss for a razor, some firewood, food, and finally a drum. Listen to this bedtime story on Baalgatha Podcast.

An Elephant and a Dog – Jataka Tales Story

This delightful story from Jataka Tales collection is a story of how the friendship between a King’s favourite elephant and a stray dog is affected by the greed of one man. But will a wise minister’s advice to the King be able to reunite the separated friends?

Click to listen to the story of an Elephant and a Dog

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Story was narrated by Sheerali Biju and produced by gaatha story.

The story goes as follows:

Once upon a time, there was a royal elephant that used to reside in the premises of the king’s palace. The elephant was very dear to the king, so he was cared, well-fed and well-treated. There was a Dog who used to live in the neighborhood of the Elephant shed. He was very weak and skinny. He was always fascinated by the smell of the rich sweet rice being fed to the royal elephant.
Click here »An Elephant and a Dog – Jataka Tales Story

The Cat is Responsible (Marathi) चूक त्या मांजराचीच

चूक त्या मांजराचीच ही गोष्ट ऐक्णया साठी ख़ाली क्लिक करा एक लहान मुलगा अभ्यास करत नाही, आणि तो आपलया टीचर ला समजावतो की त्यमागे एक… Click here »The Cat is Responsible (Marathi) चूक त्या मांजराचीच