हंस और उल्लू की कहानी पंचतंत्र कथा The Swan and the Owl

यह एक पंचत्र्न्त्र की एक छोटी सी कथा है जो हमें बड़ी महत्वपूर्ण सीख सिखलाती है। यह कहानी सुनने के लिए नीचे क्लिक करें Click below to listen to this story एक बार की बात है एक घना जंगल था, जिस के बीचो-बीच एक नदी...

Image representing the story of two frogs

The Story of Two Frogs- Tale from Japan

Today we bring to you a delightful little story from Japan, about two frogs. One of them lives in Osaka, while the other stays in Kyoto. One day, the decide to visit each other’s city. What happens next? This story is similar to the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.

बिल्लयों की दावत (The Feast of the Cats)

एक बार बिल्लियों ने एक भोज याने की दावत रखी। उन्होंने चूहों को इस भोज के लिए आमंत्रित किया।क्या चूहे दावत में शामिल हुए?बिल्लियों  ने चूहों के साथ कैसा बर्ताव किया? जांने इस कहानी को सुन कर।


The Grateful Mouse (Or, The Lion and The Mouse)

Grateful Mouse has many versions, including stories in Panchatantra, Aesops Fables, and other childrens’ folk tales. Wikipedia has an entire page dedicated to this tale. The Story of the Grateful Mouse is as follows: One hot afternoon, a lion was fast asleep in his den....

Image of the Crocodile and the Monkey on Baalgatha Podcast

Chimpu and the Crocodile Panchatantra Story

Listen to Chimpu and the Crocodile by clicking on the link below: Chimpu and the crocodile is a Panchatantra story of a monkey Chimpu and a crocodile.Both of them become best friends. Chimpu gave sweet jamun fruits to the crocodile every day. One day the...