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stories with animals

The Foolish Monkeys : Panchatantra Story

Listen to this Panchatantra Story on Baalgatha- Podcast of children’s bedtime stories. The foolish king is a folk tale from India teaches a moral that we should think before we act.

Stories for Elephant Day विश्व हाथी दिवस

On occasion of World Elephants Day 2020, we bring to you stories from Baalgatha Podcast featuring elephants.

Elephants and The King of the Mice

This story from Baalgatha podcast, which is derived from a Panchatantra tale, has a moral that one should not underestimate anybody’s abilities based on their size. In this tale, the elephants do a favor to the mice by taking a different route, thus protecting the mice. Little mice in turn help the elephants escape.

Click here »Stories for Elephant Day विश्व हाथी दिवस

Salaana Baal Katai Diwas सालाना बाल कटाई दिवस

Listen to this Hindi story from Pratham Books’ Storyweaver Collection: आज श्रृंगेरी श्रीनिवास के लिए वार्षिक बाल कटवाने का दिन है, लेकिन किसी के पास अपने बाल काटने का समय नहीं है..

Festival of Dussera

Why do we celebrate Dusshera and what is the significance of this festival? Listen to this story on baalgatha podcast

Is it a Jackal, or a Tiger?

Listen to this week’s stories from gaatha story podcasts. The Hindi and English stories from Baalgatha are from our archives, that is, we are re-publishing stories that we had brought to you in the past. The story for Fairytales of India is Band New!

The Stone Cutter’s Story to Welcome The Summer!

In the first week of April 2019, listen to stories from Baalgatha Podcast – The Stone Cutter, यह बिल्ली की गलती है and Part III of the Jeweled Arrow from Myths, Legends and Fairytales of India

gaatha story podcasts of the Week- March 28th

Listen to classic Indian stories from Panchatantra for Baalgatha English and Hindi Podcasts. Your favourite bedtime stories for kids include Murkh Kachua (the Foolish Tortoise) and The Wedding of the mouse. Also listen to Part II of the The Jeweled Arrow – Fairytale from India.

The Holi Edition

In this episode from gaatha story, listen to stories published on March 20th, 2019. Listen to story about festival of Holi.

सो जाओ टिंकु (Tinku, Go To Sleep)

टिंकू एक नन्हा पिल्ला है और उसे ज़रा भी नींद नहीं आ रही थी। आगे क्या होता, है, यह जानिए इस कहानी को बालगाथा पर सुन कर। Listen to So Jaa Tinku on Baalgatha Hindi Podcast.