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stories from India

The Lord of Death

This is a story about a road which was considered to be deadly to travel because of a deadly creature. Why was the creature causing so much death, grief and unhappiness all around? Listen to this story to learn more.

Vikram The Brave Warrior

Listen to the story of Vikram The Brave Warrior, who stars his life as a weaver, but goes on to kill and elephant, a tiger, and defeat the King’s enemy.

A Lion, a Man and a Monkey

On Baalgatha Podcast, listen to this tale from Panchatantra about a lion, a man and a monkey. How does the monkey save a man from the cluthes of a cruel and fearsome lion?

Lazy Townspeople Learn a Lesson

Listen to this story on Baalgatha Podcast about a town in which people are extremely lazy. They do not believe in keeping their town clan. But one day, the chief of the town decided to change their habit.

Why did the fish laugh?

Today we bring to you a story Why The Fish Laughed. This story has a that has a strange title, but it has a lot to teach us. Once, a fish tells the Queen of a Kingdom, “It is a he, pretending to be a she”. The Queen is confused and intrigued by this comment and asks the King to investigate this matter. The King in turn asks his minister to find the answer, and gives the latter six months – otherwise the minister would be put to death. Five months later, the minister asks his son to travel to nearby Kingdoms.
And that’s when the young man’s adventures begin. He meets a Brahman and travels to his village, meets his very intelligent daughter, and.. well. But the important question is, will he be able to find the answer “Why The Fish Laughed?” Listen to this story to learn what happens next.

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This story was originally translated into English and by Joseph Jacobs and has been edited, and revised by Amar Vyas and narrated by Sheerali Biju for gaatha story.
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The Faithful Prince

The Faithful Prince is a story from Northern India, about Prince Beharamji and his beautiful wife. Listen to this bedtime story on Myths, Legends and Fairytales of India Podcast by gaatha story.

Prince Sher Singh and his Three Friends

Listen to part I of Prince Sher Singh and his Three Friends by clicking below

In Part I of the Four Part series: Prince Sher Singh and His Three Friends- listen to the tales of adventure, bravery, and intelligence in this first part, as Sher Singh sets off on a journey with his friends Bahravsingh, Ramsingh and Sajjan.

Listen to part II of this story by clicking below

In Part II, Sher Singh continues on his journey, having ensured that his three companions: Bhairavsingh, Ramsingh and Sajjan have each been rewarded with a Kingdom, and married off. What new lands will Sher Singh Travel? Has he parted ways with his friends forever? Listen to this story to learn more.

Listen to Part III of this story by clicking below

Listen to third part in the series to learn how the young Prince Sher Singh is trapped and his friends Bahravsingh, Ramsingh and Sajjan come to his aid.

Listen to fourth and concluding part of this story by clicking below

In this Fourth and concluding part of this story, we learn how Sher Singh and his three friends- Ram Singh, Bhairav Singh and Sajjan face the magician Poorak. Will they be able to defeat the evil magician and rescue Princess Swati?
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