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Panchatantra Stories

The Foolish Monkeys : Panchatantra Story

Listen to this Panchatantra Story on Baalgatha- Podcast of children’s bedtime stories. The foolish king is a folk tale from India teaches a moral that we should think before we act.

gaatha story podcasts of the Week- March 28th

Listen to classic Indian stories from Panchatantra for Baalgatha English and Hindi Podcasts. Your favourite bedtime stories for kids include Murkh Kachua (the Foolish Tortoise) and The Wedding of the mouse. Also listen to Part II of the The Jeweled Arrow – Fairytale from India.

The Jackal and the Elephant

On Baalgatha Podcast, listen to this children’s bedtime story from Panchatantra about a wily jackal called Mahachaturak (or, the smart one).

A Lion, a Man and a Monkey

On Baalgatha Podcast, listen to this tale from Panchatantra about a lion, a man and a monkey. How does the monkey save a man from the cluthes of a cruel and fearsome lion?

बढ़ई और बंदर पंचतंत्र कथा Hindi children’s story

यह कहानी एक बंदर के बारे में है। यह बंदर अपनी शरारती आदत की वजह से कैसे मुश्किल में आ जाता है, यह जांने इस कहानी को सुनकर। यह कहानी हम ने एप्रिल २०१6 में पहली बार प्रदर्शित की थी।