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Day To Day Economics: Satish Deodhar, Bestselling Author and Academic ep21

Day To Day Economics: Satish Deodhar, Bestselling Author and Academic ep21

Listen to a sample episode from MyKitaab Podcast, created and hosted by Amar Vyas. MyKitaab is the first podcast launched by gaathastory, way back in January 2016.

Introduction: Dr. Satish Deodhar

Dr. Satish Deodhar is the Author of two bestselling books – “Day To Day Economics” and “Why Am I Paying More?” His books are a lighthearted read, but by no means they are light reading: Dr. Deodhar has explained complex concepts used in economics in simple easy to understand terms. We talk about his writing, translations of books, his interest in archeology in this podcast discussion.

Dr. Satish Deodhar has a PhD from the Ohio State University in the United States and his undergraduate degree is from University of Pune. To do justice to the writer in him, he is able to squeeze time apart from his day job as a Professor of Economics at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. He lives in Ahmedabad with his wife Deepali and two children – Sylee and Yash.

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Discussion With Satish on his books on Economics

  • Dr. Satish Deodhar has close to 2 decades of teaching experience in economics (micro, macro and agricultural economics). He has published over 20 peer reviewed papers, he has edited a book, and a technical manual on the MBA entrance process.
  • His first book Day to Day Economics was published in 2012. This book has featured in the Bollywood movie Two States, which is based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel by the same title.
  • The motivation to write this book was his belief that “managers need not get bogged down by the mathematics behind economics”. For Day To Day economics, he collaborated with Chiki Sarkar formerly of Random House, and now the founder of Juggernaut Books. Both the author and the publisher agreed that this book is meant for the layman.
  • Dr. Deodhar is inspired by a quote from the Nobel Laureate Tony Morrison, “If there is a book that you really want to read but has not been written yet, you must write it”.
  • Day To Day Economics has a ratings of over 600 on Flipkart and has received over 100 reviews. This book is being used as a reference book or a rapid reader by MBA students.
  • Dr. Deodhar’s second book “Why I am Paying More? ” was published in 2013. This book simplifies concepts of macroeconomics such as inflation, GDP growth, etc. He also explains how sellers should price their services and what buyers should keep in mind before making the purchasing decision.
  • He has quoted Chanakya (the noted economist from ancient India) in his book. Kautilya’s Arthashashtra was the seminal work written by Chanakya.
  • Dr. Deodhar is interested in getting his books translated, but he has not found a suitable translator so far. He believes that there is a tremendous demand for translations, particularly from smaller towns and cities in India.
  • He considers Dr. Ashok Kelkar, a linguist and a PhD from Cornell University. He considers Dr. Kelkar to be one of the finest linguists that India has produced.
  • Dr. Deodhar is a history buff and would love to write a book on Bajirao Peshwa. Vikrant Pande guest on MyKitaab Podcast on Episode 1, has also written a book on Bajirao Peshwa
  • If not an academic, he would have likes to become an archaeologist. He likes reading History Books such as Fable of the Beast.
  • Time permitting, he would like to translate Sanskrit plays such as Kalidasa’s Mricchakatika and Mudrarakshas into English.

Resources and References mentioned in the podcast:

Way to Contact Dr. Satish Deodhar
Email : satish at iimahd dot ernet dot in
Link to Satish’s Books

You can explore the books on Flipkart:
Satish Deodhar’s Book on flipkart
Why I am Paying More : Price Theory and Market Structure Made Simple (English)

Publishing Trivia:
A fan of Dr. Rajkumar, the late Kannada movie icon, Doddahullaru Rukkoji, has recently published a pictorial biography of the film actor. The title of the book is Dr. Rajkumar Samagraha Charitre (Biography of Dr Rajkumar). This book of 2 volumes, has nearly 2,150 pages, weighs 10 Kilograms (nearly 23 pounds) and has 8,700 photos. The book cost Rukkoji nearly 9 million Rupees or US 125,000 dollars to publish. A documentary of 80 minutes has been made, which shows how this book was created.