Reviews for MyKitaab

Reviews for Mykitaab Podcast


Reviews are appreciated and welcomed!

MyKitaab Podcast has received nearly One Hundred Five Star ‘appreciations’ on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and other fine sites! You can read some of them below. Note that not all reviews are easily accessible from the Apple Podcasts app. Therefore, I thought of adding screenshots  from countries where we get the highest number of listeners.

You can read some of the awesome feedback we have received below:/pre>

If you are an author and you’d like to get your book published in India, this is the show for you! Don’t bypass this show! Expand your business!

Amar is a terrific interviewer. Very well-researched, considerate and thoughtful. I highly recommend his show.

Great resource for authors!

by T. Basu, Canada 

Great podcast Amar! You’ve created an excellent resource for authors and book publishers. Really enjoyed your interview with Joanna Penn. Keep up the great work!

MyKitaab is an informative podcast for publishing in India. Amar has a wonderful voice and gets to the heart of the matter with guests.


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Reviews for MyKitaab Podcast (Apple Podcasts, USA)

Reviews on Apple Podcasts- US

Reviews for MyKitaab Podcast- iTunes UK

Reviews on Apple Podcasts  UK

reviews on Apple Podcasts Australia

Reviews on Apple Podcasts Australia

Review for MyKitaab Podcast- Apple Podcasts Canada

Review for MyKitaab Podcast- iTunes Canada

Reviews on iTunes India

Reviews on Apple Podcasts- India

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