Podcasts in a nutshell

Podcast is a series of audio (or any other media) files that a user can consume in several ways, including:
a. Listen via a web browser, or
b. Subscribe and listen or view on their devices (by streaming or downloading)

More on Podcasting

Here is some more reading on podcasts if you are interested…

The word Podcast has many definitions, but for sake of simplicity, we will call a podcast as a series of audio or video files that can be downloaded and played from a web browser or an app. It is often available for subscription, so that new episodes are automatically downloaded on the user’s computer, phone or smartwatch.

The above is a slightly modified definition from Wikipedia page on podcasting. There is another definition and description on this website.

We consider even playlists on YouTube, Saavn, Amazon Prime Music to be form of podcasts. In other words, you may be already consuming content in the form of podcasts, without realizing it!

Videos- How to Subscribe to Podcasts

For your benefit, we have created a few videos that you can watch and learn more about podcasts, and how to subscribe to them.

How to subscribe to podcasts

Podcast को कैसे सब्सक्रिब करें (Hindi)

Subscribe via WhatsApp

Finally, you can watch our YouTube video that shows how you can subscribe to Baalgatha Podcast via WhatsApp!

There is no need to feel overwhelmed by the term podcasts, and you can enjoy our shows from this site or on your favourite podcasting app!