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About Jason Van Gumster

Jason is from Atlanta, Georgia in the United States, he is a creative professional, an author and an advocate of open source programs. His books include the GIMP Bible and Blender for Dummies He is also the creator and the host of the Open Source Creative Podcast. Before that, a couple of mentions about this episode: We had used Skype for recording this call, and occasionally you may hear a drop in the audio quality. Also, the call had dropped around two thirds of the recording. Again, while this did not affect the quality of the discussion, you may notice some difference in the audio. We had originally recorded this interview in April 2017, and we are publishing it in December 2018. I have added some updates int he show notes for the new posts, any articles that Jason has published since then. To the listeners of MyKitaab Podcast, thank you for your patience while we revive and relaunch this show, and to Jason an equally heartfelt thanks.

Links and Resources Mentioned in this episode:

– Twitter: @monsterjavaguns
– YouTube: Videos posted by Jason
– Blog post: Using OpenMedia Vault
– Open Source Creative Podcast: Link on Castbox
– Jason’s Amazon Author Page: Link
– Blog post : Hollywood and Open Source

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