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The Holi Edition

Happy Holi from the gaatha story team!

Let us begin with a flashback to the episode to mark the Holi festival, which we had published a couple of years ago.

Liste to the episode Stories About the Festival of Holi

Listen to this week’s stories from gaatha story

Baalgatha Podcast: The Mirror Of Matsuyama

We bring you to another story from Japan- the Mirror of Matsuyama. A young girl called Matsuyama lives with her father and mother in a remote village in Japan. One day, her father brings gifts for Matsuyama and her mother. The gifts include a mirror. What happens next? Listen to this story to learn more.

Baalgaha Hindi: बुद्धिमान मुर्गा Buddhiman Murge Ki Katha

Listen to the story of a clever cock and how he is able to save himself from the plans of a cunning cat. This story has been narrated by Madhur Kishore for Baalgatha Hindi Podcast.
सुनो एक मुर्गा कैसे खुद को बिल्ली की चालाक योजना से बचता है।यह कहानी मधुर किशोर ने सुनाई है|

Myths, Legends and Fairytales of India:The Jeweled Arrow- Part I

Listen to Part I of the three part Story- The Jeweled Arrow. This is the tale about a King who has a wicked wife called Gunavarna, a magician who has a beautiful daughter, and the adventures of a young Prince Shringabhuja. And how does the Jeweled Arrow fit into all this? Listen to learn more.
This story was obtained from public domain sources, but has been revised and rewritten by Amar Vyas and narrated by Sheerali Biju for gaatha story. Music and images obtained from public domain sources or Creative Commons License.

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