Chimpu and the Crocodile Panchatantra Story

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Chimpu and the crocodile is a Panchatantra story of a monkey Chimpu and a crocodile.Both of them become best friends. Chimpu gave sweet jamun fruits to the crocodile every day. One day the crocodile took the jamuns for his wife .She loved the jamun fruit and told crocodile that if the jamun fruit is so sweet, how sweet would Chimpu’s heart be?

She insisted to the crocodile on getting the monkey’s heart . At last, crocodile invited Chimpu to his home . On the way ,he came to know the crocodile’s wife wanted to eat his heart.On hearing this, Chimpu told the crocodile that he had kept his heart on the tree and they should go back to the tree to get it back. The foolish crocodile believed Chimpu’s tact and took him back to the jamun tree. Thus his life was saved.

Moral of the story is that Presence of mind can save us.

About Panchatantra

According to Wikipedia, The Panchatantra (Sanskrit: पञ्चतन्त्र, ‘Five Sections’) is an ancient Indian collection of animal stories. The stories are available in verse and prose. The original Sanskrit work was written by Vishnu Sharma.

Image Courtesy:Postal Stamp from India . Music by Kevin McLoed. Story Narrated by Sheerali Biju. You can listen to other awesome podcasts by Gaatha Story, the creators of Baalgatha and MyKitaab Podcast by visiting the link below:


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