Is it a Jackal, or a Tiger?

Listen to this week’s stories from gaatha story podcasts. The Hindi and English stories from Baalgatha are from our archives, that is, we are re-publishing stories that we had brought to you in the past. The story for Fairytales of India is Band New!

Eat My Coat, Eat and Raja Rasalu

In this last week of April 2019, we bring to you three stories- one each from Baalgatha English (Eat My coat, Eat); MLFT Podcast (The Legend of Raja Rasalu- Part I), and Baalgatha Hindi (दो तोतों की कहानी)

The Festival of Gudi Padwa or Ugadi

Best wishes from gaatha story for the festival of Gudi Padwa / Ugadi/ Cheti Chand! It is interesting how the same day is celebrated under different names in various parts of India. In this episode, listen to the story of Gudi Padwa in English, Hindi, Marathi and Kannada.

सो जाओ टिंकु (Tinku, Go To Sleep)

टिंकू एक नन्हा पिल्ला है और उसे ज़रा भी नींद नहीं आ रही थी। आगे क्या होता, है, यह जानिए इस कहानी को बालगाथा पर सुन कर। Listen to So Jaa Tinku on Baalgatha Hindi Podcast.