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I have written about the hardware setup that I have for my podcast ‘recording studio’ in the past. Today, I thought of writing about the programs or softwares that I use for managing the entire podcast workflow. By workflow, I mean the entire process right from identifying a potential guest to scheduling time with them, recording the interview, editing, release of an episode, and marketing.

You might have guessed by now that releasing a podcast episode is not as simple as it seems. But by no means it is intimidating, in fact, once you set up the Standard Operating Procedure or SOP, it becomes quite easy to follow. Let us see how.

Scheduling  Interviews

I use Google Spreadsheet to manage the interview schedule. I’ve written about it in detail in this blog post, but I will summarize it here: I have several columns in the spreadsheet, right from the name and contact information of the potential guest, when I first approached them, their response (yes/no/no response), date of follow up, all the way upto whether I sent them a Thank You mail after the interview or not.

I use another spreadsheet to maintain the release schedule of interviews. Some podcasters recommend using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. I’ve tried using Zoho CRM in the past, and while it is quite useful, I loved the speed and simplicity of a spreadsheet.

Recording the Interview

I’ve written in the past about the 7 different ways of recording podcasts: I have used Skype, Cleanfeed, Zencastr the most (in that order), and found them to be very useful tools. Each comes with its own quirks and requirements: For Skype, you will need to install a call recorder in order to record the calls. The choice of recorder varies from Pamela (Windows) to eCamm (Mac), to Skype Call Recorder (Linux). I use eCamm for my Mac.


I use Audacity for basic editing, and I’m learning how to use Garageband to do that task. My audio editor is travelling at this time, so I am doing the editing by myself till the time I find his replacement.


We used Libsyn for the first three months, but since April this year, we use Audioboom. Kamakshi Media is registered as a channel with Audioboom and we have separate channels for all our shows, including MyKitaab and Baalgatha.

Releasing An Episode

MyKitaab and Baalgatha  Podcasts are available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Facebook. The episodes can also be heard on the websites for the respective shows. For NRI:Now, Returned to India, we use iTunes and the Kamakshi Media website. All shows can also be heard on Audioboom, where Kamakshi Media’s podcasts are hosted.

I also use Clammr to release 20 second snippets of the podcasts every time a new episode is released.


the social media promotions take place on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and in some cases, LinkedIn. I also use Quora to write about the podcast interviews, and (subtly) promote the shows. The social media promotions are managed through Hootsuite.

Task Management

I am not a big fan of Project Management or Task Management tools. When I was a program manager for Amazon, I relied on Spreadsheets to get these tasks done, because of the short learning curve, ease of use, and they do not depend on “Ever-on” Internet. This was very important because I would spend a lot of time on Construction sites that had very poor phone connectivity, let alone Internet access. That is no longer the case, but I have come to love spreadsheets. Some podcasters like Tim Lewis of Begin Self Publishing Podcast use Trello for task management, and I am beginning to use it slowly and (un)steadily.

Podcast Websites

Finally, the “Home” for the podcasts: I use WordPress for MyKitaab, Baalgatha and Kamakshi Media websites; as well as my author website –

What’s Next

Technologies change, and so do tools. This list may look significantly different as new sites and services keep coming up, I will keep experimenting, learning, and un-learning these tools. Hope you find this list useful for your podcasting (or blogging) needs.


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