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We began our journey in the world of Podcasts January 2016, when we founded Kamakshi Media and since then, we have published 6 podcasts. 4 of these are currently active Baalgatha (English+ Hindi) , MyKitaab, and Myths, Legends and Fairytales of India..

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The word gaatha means a Story. And under the gaatha series, we will bring you stories that you may like! We launched our first podcast Baalgatha in June 2016. This show is available in English and Hindi, and soon we will add more languages for this ever popular kids’ podcast! Click below to learn more about Baalgatha Podcast.

Logo for Baalgatha Podcast of Kids' stories

बालगाथा (हिंदी में)

हमने जब बालगाथा की शुरूवात की, तब हमने एक साथ हिंदी एवं अंग्रेज़ी में कहानियों को प्रस्तुत करने का निश्चय किया। पहहे नौ महीनों में हमने सौ से भी अधिक कहानियाँ प्रदर्शित की। हम एक हफ़्ते में दो कहानियाँ प्रस्तुत करते थे: मंगलवार एवं शुक्रवार को। १५ एप्रिल से हमने कहानियों कइ विस्तार किया। अब आप बालगाथा की हिंदी आवृत्ति की कहानियों को हफ़्ते में २ बार सुन सकते हैं। अधिक जांने नीचे की तस्वीर पर क्लिक करके।
baalgatha podcast- in Hindi

Myths, Legends and Fairytales of India

Myths, Legends and Fairytales of India brings to you amazing stories from India. Come with us to a land of magic, fairies, Kings, and Queens.Come join us and experience a magical ride with 2 new stories every week in this new and exciting show.
Logo of Myths, Legends and Fairytales of India Podcast- brought to you by Kamakshi Media, the Creators of Baalgatha


MyKitaab is a podcast that will help you publish and market your book. We help you answer the question “I have written a book, how do I get it published in India?” Your Host Amar Vyas interviews authors, editors, publishers and entrepreneurs in publishing. We talk about audiobooks, translations, productivity, book marketing, social media for authors, self publishing, and ebooks.

Logo of MyKitaab Podcast: How to Publish and Market your Books, brought to you by Kamakshi Media

NRI: Now, Returned to India

NRI: Now, Returned to India is a fiction novel written by Author Amar Vyas. This book is the first in a four part series featuring the protagonist Amol Dixit. The audio version of this book is narrated by the author in his own voice, and each week, one chapter of this book will be released.

Podcast: NRI Now, Returned to India

 Digital PowWow

Digital PowWow is a podcast that discusses the trends, tools, and techniques for digital and social media. Our goal is to help your business use social media and digital marketing effectively.Through this show, we discuss how digital marketing and social media can help you, the practitioner of this trade, in creating a positive impact on your business. Season I of this podcast concluded in May 2016.

Planned Shows

Premgatha: Coming Soon!

Premgatha Podcast of romance stories brought to you by Kamakshi Media