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Kamakshi Media is a podcast production company based out of Bangalore, India.

Our goal is to produce and find innovative ways to distribute the highest quality audio content in English and regional languages of India. We also create custom audio series for businesses, nonprofits and entrepreneurs who want to build a personal brand.

We began operations in Januay 2016 with two shows: MyKitaab (podcast on book publishing in India) Digital PowWow: Digital and Social Media.In June 2016, we launched our Third Show: Baalgatha (Classic Childrens’ stories in English and Hindi)

In second half of July, we launched the audio narration of NRI:Now, Returned to India (Audio narration of book by Amar Vyas with the same title)


MyKitaab Podcast is a weekly podcast on book publishing in India. We aim to find the answer to the question, “I have written a book,how do I get it published?” MyKitaab has completed 70 episodes as on August 2016.


Digital Powwow: Digital and Social media is a weekly show on tools, technologies and trends in digital marketing. Season I of this podcast concluded in May 2016.

Logo for Baalgatha Podcast

Baalgatha literally means childrens’ stories. Baalgatha is a new and excitign show. We will bring to you stories from India and around the world: stories that we have heard as children.

Visit our website to learn about us or write to us at: contact@kamakshimedia.in.

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